SliceMaker Deluxe V3.6 - Freeware
UPDATE (4/27/2016) SliceMaker Deluxe V3.6 is FREEWARE NOW
  • Slice graphic web design and then create CSS and DIV automatically.
  • Apply JavaScript techniques to your webpage without writing code.
  • Apply cool web effects to your webpage within several simple clicks.
  • Support CSS Sprites to make your webpage load faster.
  • Support database call functions that helps you manage and maintain your website easily.
  • The exported document can be compatible with virtually all web browsers.
  • Enough Flexibility: SliceMaker Deluxe doesn't come with predefined set of templates, the created webpage is what you want your graphic web design look like.
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Why Choose SliceMaker Deluxe?

Why should you choose SliceMaker Deluxe? Maybe it’s that it lets you create webpage/website in an easier way. Or that it helps you realize your full potential when creating webpage/website. Those may be two reasons you may say why you choose SliceMaker Deluxe. But there are many others as well.

SliceMaker Deluxe is the ideal tool for you to create webpage. In general, you need to manually write CSS and DIV codes if you want to create a webpage. However,  with SliceMaker Deluxe, things will become much easier than before,  this professional webpage-making software can help you create CSS and DIV automatically. All  you need is a graphic web design of what your webpage should look like, and what it should do, then import it into this software and slice it, the software will help  you automatically create DIV and CSS according to your requirements. Besides helping you automatically create CSS and DIV, SliceMaker Deluxe owns many other great features. For instance, it supports database call function which helps you manage and maintain your website with minor effort. And, it can apply rich cool web effects and JavaScript techniques to your webpage with several simple clicks.

With SliceMaker Deluxe, works that once required days to finish can now be done in minutes. If you are troubled by how to create a webpage efficiently, SliceMaker Deluxe is your hired dedicated web deisgner. 

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Integrated with all the features of Standard & Platinum Versions

SliceMaker Deluxe includes all the features of the SliceMaker Standard & SliceMaker Platinum, such as follows:

  • Slice graphic web design and then the software will help you create CSS and DIV automatically
  • Slice graphic web design in DIV, UL and LI mode to create DIV, unordered lists (UL) and list items (LI)
  • Support setting CSS border attributes including color, thickness and style (solid, dotted, dashed, double, groove, ridge, inset and outset)
  • Support HTML control (Textbox, Multiline textbox, ComboBox, Radio Button, Checkbox, ImageButton and more)
  • Support exporting HTML/HTM/ASP/ASP include file/PHP/PHP include file /ASPX/ASCX/JSP/JSP include file
  • Enable you to set sliced images as simple images that can be added hyperlink or CSS background images. Enable you to repeat background image (repeat-x and repeat-y), to preload images, etc.
  • Support CSS Sprites to make your webpage load faster
  • Easily apply JavaScript techniques to your webpage including JavaScript Validation, JavaScript Event and JavaScript Action
  • Enable you to create rich web effects including drop-down menu effect, sliding door effect, scrolling effect, filter effect, image switching effect and so on

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Support Database Call Function

Compared with SliceMaker Standard and SliceMaker Platinum, SliceMaker Deluxe can support database call function while the other two versions can not. With this function, you can manage and maintain your website with minor effort.

  • Data source call
  • Display text data
  • Display image data
  • Generate data list (text and image combined)
  • Image switching data call
  • Video dynamic data call
  • Scrolling effect data call
  • Drop-down menu data call
  • Generate preloading-image codes
  • Generate codes that will not make image distorted
  • Advertisement management
  • Include file call
  • Paging data call 
  • Create Static Page  
  • Support the correlations between database tables

Support Creating More Web Effects Compared with SliceMaker Platinum

Like SliceMaker Platinum, SliceMaker Deluxe also can easily apply web effects to your webpage like drop-down menu effect, sliding door effect, scrolling effect, filter effect, image swicthing effect and so on.
Better still, SliceMaker Deluxe can create more web effects compared with platinum version, such as follows:
  • Timely refreshing page with Ajax such as your pageviews and updating time. 
  • C# server-side events codes
  • Enable users to custom style
  • Webpage special effects library (We’ll constantly add webpage effects to this library so that users can make their webpage more imaginative.)

Additional Functions to Speed Up Webpage Making

Compared with SliceMaker Standard and SliceMaker Platinum, the deluxe version is smarter and more automated. It can help users create wonderful webpage in the shortest time. Now, let’s see what additional functions that SliceMaker Deluxe has:

  • Support OCR (Intelligently recognize the text on your graphic web design, so you don’t have to enter the text manually)
  • Intelligently plan your webpage’s layout
  • Auto planning horizontal small part of your graphic web design 
  • Auto planning vertical small part of your graphic web design
  • Auto generate a specified number of horizontal image slices
  • Auto generate a specified number of vertical image slices