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How to Include File with SliceMaker Products?


 Why Choose to Include File?


When visiting a website, you may notice that nearly every page of the website has some identical portions (Not always but often) like the header portion and the footer portion. (If you still cannot understand, please open several pages of SliceMaker Soft, you will see that every page has the same header portion and footer portion)

Since there are some identical portions, is there a way to create the identical portions only once and then apply the identical portions to every page of the website? The answer is positive as long as you know how to include file with SliceMaker products.

By including file with SliceMaker products, you will save much time to create a webpage or a website and it keeps your code more organized. Better still, it is far more convenient to modify your webpage. Why? Because you just need to modify one file (The include file like the header portion or the footer portion) and then every page that includes the file will be modified accordingly, otherwise, you will have to modify every page one by one.





 How to Include File with SliceMaker Products?

Now, I will use two pages of SliceMaker Soft to show you how to include file with SliceMaker Products. One page is the Homepage: http://www.slicemaker.com while the other page is the About Us page: http://www.slicemaker.com/inner_149.htm.

As you can see, the two pages have some identical portions including the header and the footer. To keep this tutorial to a reasonable length, I will only show you how to include the footer portion.



 Step 1: Create the Footer Portion

To include the footer portion, we should firstly create it. The way to create the footer portion is the same as the way to create a whole webpage. (Note: If you even doní»t know how to create a webpage with SliceMaker products, please get back to the User Guide list and then view the getting started part, it is very EASY!)


Here, we will firstly import the image for the Homepage and then only create the footer portion - Please view the below picture:





 Step 2: Include the Created Footer Portion

Through the step 1, we have created the footer portion. Now, letí»s import the other image for About Us page which has the same footer portion as the Homepage.



After create a slice to include the created footer portion, please click the í░mouse iconí▒ to link to the created footer portion. (Note: The created footer portion and the About Us page should be saved under the same website root directory.)





 Step 3: Generate the About Us Page

After you have finished designing the About Us page, please simply click the generate button to generate the About Us page, you will see that the footer portion has already been added to the About Us page.



Summary: Besides the About Us page, we can use the same way to add the footer portion to other pages that have the same footer portion. Better still, when we need to modify the footer portion of every page, we just need to modify the created footer portion and then all the pages that have the created footer portion will be changed.





 Contact Us for Help

If you cannot find a proper solution to your issue through the above methods, our support team is always on standby for whatever problems youí»ve got. We promise to you we will deal with your issues within 24 hours. Contact Our Support Team




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