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How to Add Scrollbar to Webpage in the Easiest Way


 Where to set Scroll Bar?


Location: Attribute Setting Area > Basic Attribute




Content Menu





 What will Happen by Setting the Selected Slice as Scrollbar Attribute?

If you set the selected slice as scrollbar attribute: even if you entered a great deal of content into the selected slice, the content will be condensed into one area with a convenient scrollbar that visitors can use to navigate with after the webpage that contains the selected slice is generated. View the below sample:






 Example of Setting the Selected Slice as Scrollbar Attribute


 Step 1: Select the Slice that You want to Set as Scrollbar Attribute



Here, we assume that the entire white part is the webpage you want to create and the part within the blue border is one section of the webpage that you want to set as scrollbar attribute.




 Step 2: Add Scrollbar Attribute to the above Selected Slice

Here, you can choose to only add horizontal scrollbar to the selected slice OR only add vertical scrollbar to the selected slice OR add both horizontal and vertical scrollbar to the selected slice.





 Step 3: Add Content into the Selected Slice

The scrollbar will appear only when the content is out of the range of the selected slice, so we can add a great deal of content to the selected slice to see the result.






 Step 4: Generate the Webpage and View the Result

 After finishing the above settings, please click Generate button to generate the webpage.



After the webpage is generated, you will see that the scrollbar has been added to the selected slice.



You can also preview the generated webpage through a web browser like Fire fox:







 Contact Us for Help

If you cannot find a proper solution to your issue through the above methods, our support team is always on standby for whatever problems youve got. We promise to you we will deal with your issues within 24 hours. Contact Our Support Team





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