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Example of Slicing Image with SliceMaker Products

Something you should know: If you have no idea on what slice means, please view the related instruction >>. It is very easy!

Below is an image imported into SliceMaker products, we will use it to show you how to slice image. (Note: To keep the tutorial to a reasonable length, well only slice a simple image; but once you have done so, you should have sufficient knowledge to slice complicated image on your own.)



         Five steps to slice an image:


       Video: How to slice image?

 Video: How to Create a Webpage?



 Step 1: Create Slices to Contain the Main Parts



 Step 2: Create Slices within the First Slice




 Step 3: Create Slice within the Second Slice




 Step 4: Create Slices within the Third Slice




 Step 5: Create Slice within the Fourth Slice




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