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Basic Knowledge You Should Know When Using SliceMaker Products


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 Whats the Meaning of Slice?

For SliceMaker products, slicing an image means dividing the image into smaller sections.


 Example of Slicing an Image or a Web Graphic:

Below is an image for a webpage:



We can use SliceMaker products to divide it into smaller sections:



Each section (each box) can be considered as a slice. A slice actually is a DIV element or can be understood as a content container.

With SliceMaker products, you just need to divide the image into smaller sections, add attributes to each section and then click the generate button, SliceMaker products will convert the sliced image to a webpage like a HTML webpage. (View the general steps of how to create a webpage with SliceMaker products >>)



 The Right Way to Slice Image with SliceMaker Products

 Boxes can be the up-down structure:



 The big box contains the small boxes:



 If the boxes are left-right structure, there should be a big box that contains the boxes.




 Complex structures integrated with the above three conditions: 




 The Wrong Way to Slice Image with SliceMaker Products

 Common Error One: The boxes are neither up-down structure nor left-right structure.



       The right way should be:


 Common error two: Any two boxes cannot be overlap




        The right way should be:





 Common Error Three: Different boxes which have the same size and are in the same position are not allowed.




 Summary on Slicing Image with SliceMaker Products

As long as you slice image in the right way, you can divide the image into any number of smaller sections. Or in other words, you dont have to slice image in exactly the same way as we do as long as you use the right way to slice image.



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