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SliceMaker Deluxe V1.0 Has Been Upgraded to Version 1.5
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SliceMaker Deluxe V1.5 sees new functionality and features to bring you an easier, faster and more stable way to create webpage or website.

Los Angeles--(May. 18th, 2011) - With the rapid development of Internet and the increasing number of computer users, many people and enterprises want to create a website either for showing their businesses, point of views or something else. And, as e-commerces popularity grows, more and more people will tend to purchase online, which is really a great opportunity to make money online. However, many people are annoyed by how to create a website so that they can run their businesses online, especially for people who are really unfamiliar with website making. Now, with SliceMaker webpage making applications, website making will become easier than ever. SliceMaker Deluxe is one of the popular webpage making applications of SliceMaker, Inc. This software can help users create CSS and DIV automatically, convert graphic web design in PSD, JPG, PNG and GIF formats to webpage file(s) such as HTML file, HTM file, ASP file, JSP file and PHP file, create cool web effects, intelligently recognize the text on your graphic web design and help you plan your webpage layout.
Now, the new version - SliceMaker Deluxe V1.5 can help you do more. Apart from the above features, SliceMaker Deluxe V1.5 can easily apply JavaScript techniques to your webpage such as automatically generating JavaScript validation codes, JavaScript events codes(onClick event, Mousemove event and onMouseOut event) and JavaScript actions codes(onClick, Mousemove, onMouseOut) to make your website with better looking and have more functions.
Now, SliceMaker Deluxe V1.5 is available for users. For more information about this software, please visit http://www.slicemaker.com//product_view_3.htm

SliceMaker Deluxe V1.5 is Launched with the Following New Features and Improvements

1. Compatible with more web browsers including Sleipnir, Lunascape, Flock, Amaya, Midori and even mobile web browsers like Opera Mini, Android Browser, BlackBerry browser, Safari for iOS devices, etc.
2. Support HTML control including Textbox, Multiline textbox, ComboBox, Radio Button, Checkbox, ImageButton and more
3. Enable users set CSS border attributes including color, thickness and style.
4. Support automatically generating JavaScript codes.
5. Enhanced User Interface design to improve the user experience
For full features of SliceMaker Deluxe V1.5, please visit

Price and Availability

If you have purchased SliceMaker Deluxe V1.0 before, please contact our sales team for the registration info of the new version including download link and license code. Upgrade is completely free for purchased users. Contact our sales team.
For new user, you can get SliceMaker Deluxe V1.5 with 30% off from May. 18th, 2011 to May. 25 th, 2011.
Free download SliceMaker Deluxe V1.5 at:

About SliceMaker, Inc.

SliceMaker (www.slicemaker.com) is a software company that is specialized in researching and developing webpage making application. Our goal is to provide users with the powerful, dependable and efficient webpage making application to simplify the process of webpage and website making.

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