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SliceMaker Products Comparison

 SliceMaker Products Comparison

SliceMaker Products Comparison - Choose the Most Suitable SliceMaker Product for Yourself! SliceMaker Standard V3.6 SliceMaker Platinum V3.6 SliceMaker Deluxe V3.6
Basic Function          
Slice graphic web design and then Create CSS and DIV automatically

Slice graphic web design in DIV, UL and LI mode to create DIV and unordered lists (UL) and list items (LI)
Support setting CSS border attributes including color, thickness and style
Support HTML control (Textbox, Multiline textbox, ComboBox, Radio Button, Checkbox, ImageButton, etc.)
Allows you to add relative hyperlinks
Support text editing/HTML text editing
Support exporting HTML/HTM/ASP/ASP include file/PHP/PHP include file /ASPX/ASCX/JSP/JSP include file
Compatible with virtually all web browsers including Internet Explorer (IE), Firefox, Chrome, Maxthon, Safari, Opera, SeaMonkey, Camino, K-Meleon, Netscape navigator and more
Rich batch-operation functions - make webpage making more efficient
Convert among HTML tags including Div, ul, li, form, p, a, h1, h2, h3, h4, h5 and h6.
Allows you to nest/modify the tags manually
Form (Form submit events, Server-side submit events and so on)    
Image & Background Settings      
Set your graphic web design or sliced images as simple image or CSS background image of your webpage
Support repeating background image in horizontal direction (background-repeat: repeat-x)
Support repeating background image in vertical direction (background-repeat: repeat-y)
You can set the background image as auto-height and auto-width (height: auto; width: auto;)
Support preloading images to speed up opening images
Support CSS Sprites to make your webpage load faster
Easily Apply JavaScript Techniques to Your Webpage            
JavaScript Validation: JavaScript email validation, JavaScript number validation, JavaScript date validation, JavaScript URL validation, JavaScript blank field validation, etc.  
JavaScript Events (onClick event, Mousemove event and onMouseOut event): Switch image or background when mouse click or move away from the image or background  
JavaScript Actions (onClick, Mousemove, onMouseOut): Changing image, changing background, showing or hiding the layers, setting homepage, adding to favorites, changing innerHTML, etc.  
Web Effects            
Drop-down menu effect  
Sliding door effect  
Scrolling effect  
Filter effect  
Image switching effect  
Video codes: enable you to embed videos from YouTube, Facebook, Metacafe, Hulu, Windows Media Player, etc.  
Enable you to embed external flash and image  
Timely refreshing page with Ajax    
C# server-side events codes    
Enable users to custom style    
Web effects library (Well constantly add web effects to this library so that users can make their webpage more imaginative.)    
Database Call Function            
Data source call    
Display text data    
Display image data    
Generate data list (Text and Image Combined)    
Image switching data call    
Video dynamic data call    
Scrolling effect data call    
Drop-down menu data call    
Advertisement management    
Include file call    
Paging data call    
Create Static Page    
Generate codes that will not make image distorted    
Support the correlations between database tables    
Additional Function to Speed Up Webpage Making            
Support OCR (Intelligently recognize the text on your graphic web design, so you dont have to enter the text manually)    
Intelligently plan your webpages layout    
Automatically slice image/automatically plan your webpage layout      
Auto planning horizontal small part of your graphic web design    
Auto planning vertical small part of your graphic web design    
Automatically slice out a specified number of horizontal image slices    
Automatically slice out a specified number of vertical image slices    

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