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SliceMaker Web Design Team

Bring You a Professional Website in the Shortest Time! 

Let Us Create Website for You - SliceMaker Web Design Team


Got good products and want to sell them online? If so, let SliceMaker web design team help you create your own website to start selling your products and make money online.

Have good writing skills and want to share your thoughts online? If so, let SliceMaker web design team help you create your own website to start writing and sharing your thoughts online.

Be an expert in certain area like Windows 8, why not create your own website like Windows 8 forum, Windows 8 blog or Windows 8 app download site? If you want, let SliceMaker web design team help you create the site you need in the shortest time.

Have a good enterprise and want to create a website for your business? If so, let SliceMaker web design team help you create the site for you to expand the influence of your enterprise.

No matter what reason youve got, SliceMaker web design team can fulfill your needs.  We guarantee that we can help you create your own website in the shortest time and with high quality.

What Can We Do for You?

 Help you create your own website of any style including forums, blog, web portals, video-sharing site, e-commerce site, enterprise/corporate site, etc.
 You just need to tell us your needs, and then let us do the rest including web design and the related web program.

 Add web effects to your website including drop-down menu effect, sliding door effect, scrolling effect, filter effect, image switching effect, timely refreshing page with Ajax, etc.
 Apply JavaScript techniques to your website including JavaScript validation, JavaScript event and JavaScript actions.
 24/7 customer support, our web design support team is always on standby for whatever problems youve got, please feel free to contact our web design support team at support@slicemaker.com

What Tool Do We Use?

We are proud to say that with SliceMaker products - SliceMaker Standard, SliceMaker Platinum and SliceMaker Deluxe, we can easily help our customers create website of any style. So please feel free to tell us what style you want for your website, we guarantee we can fulfill your needs.

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 Learn More about SliceMaker Deluxe >>

Pricing and Completion Time

For the pricing and completion time, it will vary based on the following points:

1) The complexity of the website that you want to create
2) The quantity of web pages that you want us to create for you.
3) The materials you offer to us like a brief sketch of your website logo or your home page.

The below form will show you the pricing and completion time in detail.

Webpage Type



Completion Time

 Corporate/Enterprise Website


$300 Per One

Within 8 hours



$600 Per One

Within 16 hours



$900 Per One

Within 24 hours


 Other Situations

 Price Negotiable

 Completion Time Negotiable

 (Public) Web Portals


$1500 Per One

Within 2 Days



$2600 Per One

Within 4 Days



$3600 Per One

Within 1 Week


 Other Situations

 Price Negotiable

 Completion Time Negotiable

 Other Webpage Types

 ... ... ... ... ... ...

 Price Negotiable

 Completion Time Negotiable



Contact Our Web Design Team to Tell Us Your Needs

Method 1: contact@slicemaker.com (24/7 Services)

Method 2: support@slicemaker.com (24/7 Services)



 Please describe your needs in the email as detail as possible so that we can evaluate your needs to let you know how much well charge for your needs and how long it will take to help you finish creating website.
 Once we receive your enquiry, we will reply to you immediately. And, once you receive our reply, the clock starts ticking. (We guarantee we will help you finishing creating website within the time specified.)
 The online payment is 100% secure, all data exchanged during the payment process is SSL-secured.