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How to Add Social Sharing Buttons to Your Website through Addthis?

After writing a useful article for your website, you must want as many readers as possible to read it. Adding social sharing buttons is one of the easiest ways to let more readers read your article. There are many benefits if you add social sharing buttons to your website.

  • Increase your pageviews. People trust their friends and their families and therefore if one of your visitors shares your article through his or her social media or email, his or her friends and families will more likely go to your page and read your article.
  • Boost your search engine ranking. The more people share your article, the more pageviews your webpage will get and the more outbound links you will get, which is good for your search engine rankings.
  • Increase your revenue. With the traffic growing up, you will more likely get more revenues through advertisements, online services or your own products like software.
  • And much more......

Since adding social sharing buttons has so many benefits, then how to add social sharing buttons to your website? If you still have no idea on this, this article will help you out. In this article, we will teach you how to add social sharing buttons to your website through Addthis (addthis.com).

  Step 1: Create an Account on Addthis.com and then Sign in with Your Account

It is very simple to create an account on Addthis.com. Alternatively, you can sign in with your Facebook, twitter or Google account.

  Step 2: Get the Code of the Social Sharing Buttons

Firstly, please hover your mouse on the 'Get Code' button at the top right corner of every page of addthis.com. And then click the 'Share Buttons' from the drop-down menu list.


After clicking the 'Share Buttons', please select your site type and the style of the social sharing buttons. You can preview your selected style immediately.


After finish the above settings, the code for the social sharing buttons that you've selected will appear immediately. Simply click the 'Grab It' button to copy the code.


  Step 3: Add the Code to Your Website

Simply paste the code you grabbed through the above step into your page between the <body> and </body> tags.


As you can see, how to add social sharing buttons to your website by using Addthis social sharing buttons is very simple. If you want your website have more traffic, why not give it a try?

At last, if you find this article useful, please share it by using the left side addthis sharing buttons, thanks!

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