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Popular Trend for Body Background Image in 2013

 What can be called a good body background image?



What kind of body background image is the best for your website?

  • There are not a single standard for different websites, but we can still get common points from some successful cases:
  • There must be a specific purpose for your background.
  • The background youve selected should consist with your brand style.
  • The text on the background should be easy to read. (No matter font color, shading or size)
  • The theme of the background should be coherent in the entire website.
  • The background image should be loaded quickly by visitors.


 What is the Popular Trend for Body Background Image?




Like clothes styles and hair styles, web design styles also changes all the time. As this kind of trend, it is especially true in background image.

Now more and more websites choose a full screen image for their website background. Some of them are sharp and realistic style (such as photos or illustrations) and others use abstract style. Large-sized or blurry image can be also found anywhere through the internet.

Solid background is still popular, but not the classic black and white. Many designers tend to highlight the content out of website background by using bold, striking colors.

At last, pattern and texture are used frequently, but the size of their shapes has been changed. More and more websites tend to use a larger pattern in their background, but it is the smaller pattern was popular before. Large-sized patterns and low contrast content in website can give the visitors a subtle feeling. Texture background is also popular now which can add a sense of reality to your web design.


Sharp image


Realistic and sharp images will never be out of style, it only matters how you can use them. More and more this kind of images are now been used as background images rather than as photos in other backgrounds.

Illustrations are also popular. Color is the top point because it determins the quality of an illustration.


Blurry or Faded images


Its quite a complex situation to use blurry or faded images as your website background. It can get a good effect only when its an image with high quality.

You should have something in your mind when you are about to blur an image. Sometimes you should make a strong fade effect on your body background image, but in other occasions you just need a light blur.


Solid Color Area


Bright colors are used widely and have drawn many peoples attention. Large amount of designers choose to use some simple color to create depth and contrast.


Black and White


Black and white are the classic and simple background colors. By using them, you can easily make contrast effect for text (even tiny images) and never afraid them out of age.


Pattern and Texture


Dont be afraid of using bold background images. Large-sized and repeating patterns are everywhere now. Whats more detailed texture can add a sense of reality to your web design.


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