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How to create the best website layout?


Every website has its own layouts and design. There is no doubt that website layouts are the top important point for websites. A Professional website layout can help you attract visitors for their first sights and make them stay in your website.

Here Ill show you how to create the best website layout.


 Step 1: Make a Draft for your website layout ideas



Obviously its a very important step, but as far as I know some web designers will skip this step and make web design with Photoshop directly rather than make a draft to clarity the website layout ideas in their head. The purpose of website design is to solve problems and some of them cannot be solved by gradient or shadow effects. Before you are about to make shadow effects, you should think about contents, layouts and functions first.



 Step 2: Start with a sketch of top level framework



If I want to make an interface for a project, the first thing should be to build a top level framework which can solve exact all the design problems. A framework means a UI which is surrounded by contents and helpful to operate and browse. It contains navigation and other elements such as sidebar and bottom bar.

If you start with a sketch of top level framework, you can get a clear view of what the website layout needs.


 Step 3: Add a grid to PSD file



This is quite a simple step. Before you are about to design a content or something else in Photoshop for your website, you need to create a proper grid. Why? As everyone knows, a grid can help you arrange website layout in different sections, guide you design your content according oto specific screen size and lead you to build relevant template to meet the spacing or other design problems.


 Step 4: Select font styles



Its the work in project development phase to acquaint yourselves with different font styles and color schemes. According to our common sense, I recommend you not to use more than two kind of font styles, but your decision should also depend on the color schemes youve selected.

Anyway, the font you select should make visitors easy to read and complement the title and actions.
Do not be afraid to use big font and keep overall consistent when you use it.


 Step 5: select theme color



After select font styles, you should select colors for UI, background and text. As for colors, I recommend you to select some limited colors with concise and bright tones for the general user interface. Its quite important to for a user interface to be consistent with other elements in your website layout. Just think about the website layout of Facebook, Twitter, Quora and Vimeo. Except UI, other sections dont need to be restricted in color selection if images or graphic details dont bother the components functions.



 Step 6: create a website layout



Each part in a website should play its role. As for visitors, each part should have its reason and the result it can get. A website layout is to help us put the most important information in the highlight place in your website. Actually, a website doesnt need too many buttons to call out, so every content youve made should be around the purpose what can I do here. Think about it, you can create the most simple website layout for a simple purpose and add the relevant components.


 Step 7: Rethink about what youve made


You should rethink about the functions and contents youve made on the website. Do I really need this button? Do I really think this color scheme is perfect for my entire website? Do I really want this navigation goes like that? Sometimes the answer is no. Rethink about what youve done can help us a lot to improve our website layout.


 Step 8: Pay attention to the details



Its just another commonplace but its not always visible in the final projects. The detail can be focus on some interaction, unexpected animation or some aesthetic feelings such as gradient effect on small buttons. Generally these details are important if the visitors can enjoy what youve done.


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