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How to Set Border Style?


 What is Border Style?


In CSS, the border-style property means the style of an element's four borders. By using border-style property, you can define the different kinds of border styles as precisely as you would like.

In SliceMaker, we offer you 8 kinds of border styles which is commonly used now:


border-style: solid;

border-style: dotted;

border-style: dashed;

border-style: double;

border-style: groove;

border-style: ridge;

border-style: inset;

border-style: outset;


While we set the border width to 1 pixel and the border color to red, we can see the eight border styles











 Where to Set Border Style?


Location: Attributes Area > Basic Attribute > Border Width




 How to Set Border Attribute with SliceMaker Products?


You just need two steps to set the border attribute for the selected slice with SliceMaker products.


 Step 1: Select the Slice that You Want to Add Border Attribute



 Step 2: Start Setting the Border Attribute for the Selected Slice

After youve selected the above slice, please go to the below setting section to set the border attribute:



 What will Happen If You Set the Border Attribute for the Selected Slice?

After the above webpage is generated, the setting part (the selected slice part) will have a border, such as follow:




Contact Us for Help


If you have problems when using our software, we want to hear from you. Send us an email that describes the problem you're having and include a screenshot if possible. [Support Email Address: support@slicemaker.com]

We promise to you we will solve whatever problem youre having within 24 hours.

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