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Latest Web Design Trends in 2013


There was a razor-thin line between Web Development and Web Design, but the line has blurred after these years passed.

As a web designer, youll be soon abandoned by the time if you didnt catch up the web design trends in a flash. Only when you can combine the design and content in your website, you can be called as a qualified web designer.

In the middle of the year 2013, many changes has been made in web design area. Now Ill show you the latest web design trends in 2013:



 Web Design Trends No. 1: More Responsive Web Design




Responsive Web Design is not a new term any more, but why we always keep on talking about it?

Simply to say: There will be more and more strategies and more relevant standards in Responsive Web Design. For instance, designers use Breakpoints in Responsive Web Design to adapt different screen sizes. When a new device which has the enough market power (such as iPad mini), the strategy will be changed and the breakpoints can be changed to other implementations.

We believe there will be more and more website designers focus on responsive web design rather than making different webpages for different devices. This kind of design type can ignore screen size and adapt multiple screens in multiple devices. Well see more plentiful web design adapting different terminals.



 Web Design Trends No. 2: Use Font Layout as the Mainline in Web Design



At the early age of building website, web designers often concentrate on image processing and JavaScript. But there are some breakthroughs in the recent years, the most obvious point is font design is becoming more and more important. For instance, its much lightweight to income @font-face from Server than image or JavaScript.

Whats more, font layout can be more proper to Responsive Web Design than image layout or complex JavaScript layout.

Open your mind and put more font layout to your website.



 Web Design Trends No. 3: Say goodbye to Flash



Dont be surprise about this, but there are still many website using Flash. Many people should know how bad Flash is for SEO works and it can get supports in many devices (look at Apple products) now. Besides, its a forever pain for Flash users to face the frequent update

The best way is to use HTML/CSS 3 and JavaScript.

In the year of 2013, Flash will come to an end.



 Web Design Trends No. 4: Quasi Materialized Design will be history



There are many discussions about Apples Quasi Materialized Design in 2013 and Apple itself is about to change design strategy. Repeat use these old design elements can help us to change our way of thinking in new technologies.

Apple is pursuing new design aesthetics waiting other to follow its steps. During this period, weve seen some companies has their own solutions. For instance, Microsofts Metro Design.

So in the future, more and more website will tend to Flat Design.



 Web Design Trends No. 5: Full Screen Image for visual impact



Ive said font layout will take the place of image, but it isnt incompatible with what Ill tell you. More and more websites use full screen images in their homepages to increase visual impact. However, reasonable optimization is the primary thing for your website, you should take your band width and server into consideration.

In 2013, the web design trend of using full screen images is continuing.



 Web Design Trends No. 6: More space



This trend of web design had been started in 2012 and it will continue in 2013. Simple Design Aesthetics and Responsive Web Design are the key features in latest web design. It will be more professional and attractive if you leave enough space in your webpage.



 Web Design Trends No. 7: Socialize



Deeper Social Integration will get an explosion in 2013, so put more Social Networks to your webpage and add buttons to highlight them.



 Web Design Trends No. 8: Color Schemes - peaceful and elegant



The fashion of color comes and goes faster than anything else, so we can hardly predict a popular color in a specific point. But at this time we can sure that peaceful and elegant color schemes is leading the websites and mobile application interfaces.

We recommend you black, white and grey as Safe Colors now.



 Web Design Trends No. 9: Mobile Browsers will be replaced by Mobile Applications



Even if a website can be compatible with all devices, but a mobile application is better for some sites. For Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and so on, mobile application version has much better user experience than mobile browsers.

This web design trend will be more obvious and more and more people view the contents by mobile applications rather than by browsers.



 Web Design Trends No. 10: Content First



Web Designers should pay more attention to contents presentation in 2013. No content, no website. The optimal method to keep a website fresh is to update valuable contents.

Writing, design, publishment, sharing and anything you are doing should be focus on content. No exception to Responsive Web Design.



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