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How to Switch images with jQuery Effect?


With SliceMaker Products, you can easily realize image switching with jQuery Effect.



 Where to Use jQuery Effect to Switching Images?


Location: Attributes Setting Area > Image Switching > Switching Mode



 How to Set Image Switching with jQuery Effect?


 Step 1: Select the slice/layer you want to realize image switching with jQuery Effect.


 Step 2: Tick the box to set the selected slice as image switching




 Step 3: Select a switching mode. Here we select



  Step 4: Set the color style.



Here we set the background color to white.
set the title color to black.
set the button color to white.




 Step 5: Insert switching images.



The system offers you two ways to insert images:


  From File: You can insert switching images from your local directory.
                                  From Ddatabase: you also can insert images by extracting data from database.


Here we select From File


And then click the Add Image button to get the dialog below:




 Step 6: Generate the project:



You can preview the generated project:




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We promise to you we will solve whatever problem youre having within 24 hours.


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