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How to Make HTML Image Slideshow without Programming?

How to Make HTML Image Slideshow?

Recently, I have noticed that many users want to make HTML image slideshow but dont know how to do this. In this tutorial, I will help these users to understand how to make HTML image slideshow with the help of SliceMaker products.

Below is the HTML image slideshow we want to make:

Now, I will show you how to make this kind of HTML image slideshow.


 Tools We Need

 We Need Prepare Several Images

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  Download the images to Make the HTML image slideshow.


Step 1: Import One of the Images You Prepared into SliceMaker Products.



Step 2: Give a Name to the HTML Image Slideshow You Want to Make



Step 3: Create a Slice to Contain the Image.



Step 4: Select the Slice and then Set it as Image Switching Effect.

Note: After selecting the slice, you just need to tick the box (like the picture shown below) to tell the software you will set the slice as image switching effect.


Step 5: Choose a Style for Your HTML Image Slideshow.



Step 6: Add the Images You Prepared.



Step 7: Select a File Folder to Save the HTML Image Slideshow

Note: The prepared 3 images should be saved to the File Folder firstly before we doing the above settings.


Step 8: Generate and Preview.



After generating, please also click the Browse button to find the generated HTML image slideshow and then open it with a web browser like Firefox to view it. You will see that it is perfect!


Optional: if you still cannot understand how to make HTML image slideshow, the below video tutorial may help you out.

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